Coach Georgina

"I have always been in some kind of sport my whole life whether it was swimming, dancing, cheerleading, horse riding/jumping, marathons or body building! There was always a love of sport, health and fitness and so naturally I became a personal trainer at age 16 and haven't looked back since!! My sporting experience saw me come 3rd in Australia for bodybuilding before retiring on a high and moving to the UK to start my love of traveling. Which is where I picked up a love of running and completed The New Forest Marathon and London Marathon! Having a heart condition, asthma, eczema and IBS I was always told as a kid I had to be careful. Which I think is why I'm such a rebel - I wanted to see what my body could do and how far I could push it. So I made that my mission: to push the boundaries and now my medical conditions don't hold me back.


In London I found a deeper love for Reiki, meditation and all things woo. However, since moving to Barbados it has grounded me and heightened my abilities even more. My coaching approach is more of a holistic one making sure mind, body and spirit are all in tune to help make lasting success. I encourage focus, habits and awareness while nourishing creativity, emotional strength, self confidence, positivity, spiritual and physical/mental well being. I really do believe the mind is so powerful and if we can get our mindset right - our body is capable of anything! 

I believe connection to our practice as well as others is important for our body, mind and spirit and would love to connect with you to help play a part in your personal growth, physical & spiritual development as well as overall happiness! ☺️"

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